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Data availability is key in a crisis.

Leverage Haystax’ trusted applications for safety and security to respond with confidence.

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Monitor, detect, analyze, collaborate and respond to threats in real-time from a single robust risk management system equipped with mission-specific apps.

Improve school safety through assessments and awareness

Schoolchildren deserve a safe environment, and Haystax Technology’s Constellation for School Safety solution helps you deliver it. With our cloud-based solution, your district or state can rapidly assess every school to understand its unique safety posture and prioritize its most critical threats and vulnerabilities. Other web and mobile apps allow security teams to track and respond to emerging digital threats and incidents in real time, for improved domain awareness. Florida and other states use Constellation for School Safety on a daily basis, better preparing school leaders and their partner agencies to jointly mitigate any risk they may face.

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It’s time to modernize the field interview card.

Share information seamlessly and avoid cumbersome paper-based reporting. With our Mobile Field Interview (Mobile FI) app, quickly document a person, group or vehicle, and share data immediately with other officers or investigators. From mobile device users to desktop analysts, everyone has instant access to Mobile FI information in one place.

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Faster insight. Faster response.

Emergency managers and public safety officials, business continuity directors, and disaster preparedness authorities turn to Haystax for real-time results.

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The leader in risk management technology for safety and security.

Haystax Technology delivers visionary risk-management solutions that enable rapid response to virtually any type of threat – for data any time, on any device, when it matters the most.

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