Haystax: Prioritized Risks, Actionable Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Cybersecurity

But security leaders must view all vendor claims with skepticism


Why Read This Report

Security vendors are inundating CISOs with products purporting to use artificial intelligence to dramatically improve the accuracy and speed of both threat detection and response. However, much of this messaging is confusing, even misleading. How do you know fact from fiction from enthusiastic marketing? S&R pros should read this report to understand what is really possible with AI today to take cybersecurity efforts to the next level.

Key Takeaways

AI Helps, But It Isn’t 2058

There are two types of artificial intelligence: pure and pragmatic. Pure AI is the science fiction
you have seen in Star Trek and ex Machina. Forget about that. Concentrate instead on the building block technologies of pragmatic AI — which enterprises use now for all manner of applications, including cybersecurity.

AI Is Not A Silver Bullet … But It Is A Bullet

Security analysts struggle to keep up with new and emerging threats as well as the deluge of alerts and events they must analyze and respond to every day. AI building blocks like machine learning and natural language processing can provide security pros with insights about current and future threats.

Human Knowledge Still Reigns And Must Cooperate With AI

Tony Stark, AkA Iron Man, is like you — human. But he is mega-augmented with technology. That’s the way to think about cybersecurity and AI. AI will give you insights, but it is still your experience and knowledge that will protect the enterprise.

FORRESTER’s full report is available for download compliments of Haystax Technology.