Haystax Launches National School Safety Cloud

By Haystax, February 10, 2014 | SHARE

Integrated information management system provides secure 24/7 data access and dynamically monitors the school threat environment. McLean, VA – February 10, 2014 – Haystax Technology, Inc., is pleased to announce the launch of its National School Safety Cloud, an integrated portfolio of online software applications that enables school districts and their public safety partners nationwide to securely manage their school safety operations and data in the cloud. “In developing our National School Safety Cloud,” said Haystax Chief Executive Officer William B. Van Vleet, “we have applied our broad expertise in public safety risk, data analytics and visualization, and secure cloud collaboration to assist school safety officials with their critical mission: providing the nation’s 55 million students with a safe, tranquil environment in which to learn and develop.” The web-based and mobile apps in the National School Safety Cloud are accessible to all authorized users, providing a shared and continuously updated picture of the school security environment and seamless coordination during a crisis, as well as integrated software tools like custom safety assessment forms and field alerting apps. Anthony F. Beverina, President of Haystax’s Public Safety & Commercial Business, noted that school safety engages a wide cross-section of the community, from students and parents to teachers and superintendents, plus a range of public safety officials and government administrators, policymakers and legislators. “These diverse stakeholders are constantly striving to understand the broad threats and risks facing all schools in their areas of responsibility, as well as unique aspects of the security environment at each school. Our new School Safety Cloud enables them to do both — providing the information they need, when they need it.” From the smallest school districts to the largest states, authorized users of the School Safety Cloud can:

For more information please visit the School Safety page of our website at http://www.haystax.com/solutions/public-safety-cloud/school-safety/. ——– About Haystax Haystax Technology, Inc. provides next-generation intelligence and analytics solutions that deliver up to the minute situational awareness and actionable intelligence for the public and commercial sectors. Haystax uses a combination of software and human analysis to turn large, disparate and unstructured data volumes into comprehensive and actionable information. In essence, these technologies allow users to find “the needle in the haystack” quickly and reliably. For further information about Haystax Technology, visit http://www.haystax.com, on Twitter @haystaxtech and Facebook at Haystax. Media Contact Laura Taylor 202-271-8216 laura@gaiapr.com

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