Haystax Chosen to Participate in Loudoun County Challenge Event

By Haystax, August 11, 2014 | SHARE

McLean, VA, August 11, 2014 – A team led by Haystax Technology, Inc. has been selected by the Virginia-based Innovative Solutions Consortium (ISC) to showcase its public safety solutions as part of the Loudoun County Challenge on August 27th. Haystax and its collaborative partners E-ISG Asset Intelligence and Amazon Web Services will demonstrate a variety of integrated software solutions for their proposed Loudoun County Public Safety Cloud, or LCPSC, to address what ISC calls the “hard problems” facing the county in its public safety, emergency operations and critical infrastructure protection missions. Haystax will be one of 10 high-tech firms briefing a group of some 100 senior executives, government leaders and academics from Loudoun County, a rapidly growing 520-square-mile area that is home to nearly 350,000 residents and host to data centers that process about 70% of the world’s internet traffic. The LCPSC solution is designed to solve four inter-related problems for the county:

  1. The lack of information-sharing among public safety stakeholders spread across multiple jurisdictions and a broad geographic area;
  2. The lack of timely ‘situational awareness’ regarding threats and hazards in the county;
  3. Data overload created by the massive and growing amount of information that must be absorbed, understood and acted upon by those responsible for the safety of the county’s people, facilities and equipment; and
  4. The lack of accurate, up-to-date information about available emergency management equipment and resources across different jurisdictions.

Among the capabilities of the LCPSC solution are a map-based interface for viewing critical infrastructure and emerging threats and hazards; mobile applications for instantaneous reporting of crimes, suspicious activities and other incidents, plus ‘blue force’ tracking; deeply detailed catalogs of geo-located assets; computer-aided dispatch (CAD), video and sensor/alarm-data integration; mobile field assessment apps; special-event management tools; social media monitoring; uploading and storage of critical documents such as emergency plans and floor plans; and much more. All threat and risk data can be viewed not just on maps, but also as timelines or prioritized feeds. The proposed Loudoun County solution will run on the Amazon Web Services platform, providing security, stability, scalability, and a robust collaboration environment. And as with similar systems Haystax has deployed over the past 15 years in large urban areas, school districts and major special events around the U.S., the solution will integrate seamlessly with existing data and systems, ensuring that no current technology investments by the county will go underutilized. ISC is hosting the Loudoun County Challenge in partnership with the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce, Center for Innovative Technology and Loudoun County Economic Development bureau. During the August 27th event, two of the 10 showcase companies will be chosen by a panel of experts for Most Disruptive Technology or Next Business Titan awards.

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