Haystax Acquisition of NetCentrics Earns Top Recognition from Washington Technology

By Haystax, March 24, 2015 | SHARE

Washington Technology recently named Haystax’ acquisition of NetCentrics the best deal by a small business of 2014, saying the deal “brings cyber and network management solutions around big data analytics, cloud, and real-time threat assessment.” Clearly, they get the value proposition, and it’s great to have public validation for something we knew was the right move. Combining our resources with those of NetCentrics has been even more than the year’s best deal: it’s been transformational for our business. Let’s start with the fact that we’re no longer a small business. We’ve gone up a tier with the NetCentrics acquisition. And we also have expanded capabilities, customers/markets, scale, and talent. The combination has given us more capabilities in network management, network monitoring, and cybersecurity. We also have a much greater capacity to provide services, which we see as a differentiator. Haystax is known for advanced analytics, and it’s great to be able also to offer customers excellent services, so they don’t have to manage and monitor networks by themselves. Our customer base and project scale have also been ramped up, as NetCentrics is a trusted contractor to the U.S. Departments of Defense and Homeland Security. Haystax is now a viable force in these important markets. We’re providing network architecture, monitoring and management – as well as security – for the Pentagon, Coast Guard and Army – networks with more than 15,000 users and thousands of servers each. That’s significant in and of itself, plus it means we can provide technology and services on a much greater scale and for larger organizations than before. Finally, we’ve gained some great people from this combination, and we’re now 350 strong. Among their many talents, the NetCentrics team brings excellent processes and certifications that will help accelerate our growth. I know exactly why this deal received the kudos it did; we’ve acquired not just a company but great people, customers, capabilities and scale. I couldn’t be more excited for the future. WILLIAM VAN VLEET, III – CEO