Haystax featured in Bloomberg Business for insider threat detection

By Haystax, March 30, 2015 | SHARE

On March 29, Bloomberg Business featured an article on how increasing stress brought on by hidden health issues may have contributed to the ill-fated Germanwings flight. The article quotes Haystax chief technology officer Bryan Ware: “Pilots are subject to constant stress levels; I think that changes personalities,” said Bryan Ware, chief technology officer at Haystax Technology Inc. in Los Angeles, which helps companies rank employees by the likelihood that they may pose a threat to the organization.  “Someone who has significant financial, or family, or psychological issues will likely not be able to handle that kind of stress in the same way that someone who doesn’t.” Haystax is at the forefront of developing risk-based insider threat detection solutions. Click here to learn more about our enterprise threat management solutions