KGBT-TV (CBS) Reports on Haystax Technology’s School Safety Center Solution

By Haystax, April 30, 2015 | SHARE

KGBT-TV, a CBS affiliate outside of McAllen, Texas, interviewed McAllen ISD Police Department Capt. Jose Silva about his district’s deployment of Haystax School Safety Center, which will allow school police to gather real-time threat intelligence and respond accordingly to critical emergency situations. “We can’t look at them as a number and we can’t look at them as students. We have to look at them as somebody’s kids and I think that really hits home because with that philosophy, we realize we’re dealing with kids and they are our future. So we want to ensure that they are safe in school and, they have a good learning environment,” said McAllen ISD Police Department Capt. Jose Silva. “We’re having to go back and forth when emergency type situations are going on so when were able to access just one (system) we’re able to just go in there (and) handle it more efficiently. Time is of the essence so were able to draw back the time that we have to manage people out there, putting people in certain areas, doing whatever we have to do at the campus, and get services provided for the population in that school,” said Capt. Silva. Click here to read the full article and see clips from the interview with Capt. Jose Silva

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