Next-Gen Streaming Analytics and Cybersecurity

By Haystax, May 11, 2015 | SHARE

CEOCFO Magazine conducted an interview with Haystax CEO Bill Van Vleet

CEO Haystax Technology

CEO Haystax Technology

“The issue in the past was getting access to information. The challenge now is that information sources are exploding every day, becoming larger and more frequent. The challenge is not in looking backward as much as dealing with information overload. How do you sort out the needle from the haystack and sort out the signal from the noise? That is our expertise and what we do… Haystax is a new emerging technology company that is focused on analytics and cybersecurity, and we are developing next-generation disruptive technology solutions that are going to be transformational in the marketplace for the next decade.”- William Van Vleet, III You can read the interview by
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