The Not So Hidden Value In Continual Real Time Enterprise Threat Management

By Haystax, May 18, 2015 | SHARE

Unfortunately the news today always features at least one story about some type of threat and invasion of a security system within a company, government, organization or entity. While many of these companies have some type of real time threat management program they rarely have a comprehensive approach to analysis and responding to threats. A unified, comprehensive and complete real time Enterprise Threat Management is the most effective way for any business, agency, organization or security team to evaluate information from a wide range of different sources. However, more than just providing information, the information has to be presented in a way to support effective decision making. This starts with understanding the total at risk environment based on your unique workplace and systems. The Information Jumble The key to effective real time Enterprise Threat Management is not just in the collection of raw data. Raw data is available through many different means based on the specific source of the threat from social media to cybersecurity issues. Businesses will find threats can involve many different components of the workplace including:

  • The IT network
  • The physical security system
  • Vendors, customers or partners
  • Human Resource departments
  • Attacks on the company reputation and brand
  • Loss of revenue and higher mitigation costs when detected later

Simply having all this data about potential threats at your fingertips through a report isn’t helpful unless the information is specific, integrated with other relevant data sources, and clearly identifies the risk of the breach. Through Enterprise Threat Management (ETM) the Chief Security Officer or the designated leadership team is provided with the information necessary to highlight the threat in real time. This allows time for action to prevent or minimize the security breach or threat. The Results Imagine, if you will, the ability to see a threat, receive the data and analysis of the threat, and have a pre-set plan to respond. This virtually eliminates the lag in time between the identification of the issue and the response attempting to mitigate the security breach. Part of the ETM system is to have a way to prioritize threats to allow staff to work on the areas of threat management identified as most urgent and pose the biggest risk. By having access to data from identified sources, the organizational data, and publically available data the program can evaluate the issues for any organization based on a unique set of protocols. The result for any business using real time Enterprise Threat Management as a core function of the business it these threats won’t go unnoticed in the jumble of data. Instead, relevant information determined to indicate a risk will be presented in a real time manner to allow for effective, efficient action to remove or reduce the risk. To learn more click here