highlights new Mobile Field Interview App from Haystax Technology

By Haystax, June 8, 2015 | SHARE

Thanks to the new Mobile Field Interview app from Haystax Technology, law enforcement officers will now have the ability to capture field interview information from an iOS or Android device. Information from field interviews will instantly be saved into the Haystax Public Safety Cloud™ (DS7) and will become viewable and searchable to all members of an organization. Additionally, the app will help public safety officers:

  • Document information photographically or based on geo-location
  • Seamlessly submit interviews either online or offline (Offline field interviews are submitted when you return online)
  • Ensure secured data on-device data storage and transmission (the app stores information in a remote server, no data is left on the device)

“The Mobile Field Interview is an essential law enforcement app that streamlines the field interview process and enhances situational awareness,” – Mike Sena, Director of the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center. Click here to read the full piece on