Insider Threat Detection: What You Don’t Know About Your Staff Will Hurt You

By Haystax, July 21, 2015 | SHARE

While employees are the most important asset of any company, business, or enterprise they may also be one of the biggest source of potential threats. This fact is particularly true when it comes to accessing privileged and secure information. These types of insider threats can come in the form of:

  • Accessing confidential or sensitive information not related to the job
  • Accessing customer information
  • Breaches in cybersecurity
  • Publication of sensitive company information or information on key individuals within a company
  • Revenge by a current or past employee to destroy a company reputation
  • Stealing vendor information, trade secrets or financial information

Finding effective ways of insider threat detection is more important today than in the past. Just recently major corporations such as Home Depot, JP Morgan, Target, Sony and even the United States Department of Defense have all had major insider threat issues. The Problem There are many different reasons why insider threat detection can be problematic. One of the biggest issues occurs because many companies rely on a pre-employment screening and background check as the sole check on the employee. Once the employee is in the system and working there is no ongoing monitoring. For those companies implementing solutions through older computer based analytics problems with the software may actually be creating problems. Older types of insider threat detection programs are notorious for generating numerous false positives requiring man hours to verify or dismiss. The Solution At Haystax we have develop a revolutionary new program to address insider threat detection through a comprehensive and extensively tested platform. This is the Constellation™ Analytics Program. It takes an informed look at each employee in relation to a specific threat. It can also be used to continually and proactively monitor insider threats based on the risk environment within a specific business or company. Our program takes into consideration what the employees are accessing within their work-related parameters, but also considers what is outside of their work related activities. This greatly limits false positive hits and, because it is able to respond to the ever-changing dynamics of threats from within, you never have to worry about being behind in threat assessment. Haystax has developed what we call the “whole person model” of insider threat detection. This includes both their work related activities as well what is going on after hours. This information is run through our risk prioritization algorithm. It constantly ranks individuals based on their unique and constantly monitored threat score. This is a very useful tool for any manager, security team or HR department to use on a regular basis to effectively identify any high-risk individuals within their system. To learn more click here