Haystax CEO Bill Van Vleet pens insider threat byline for 9-1-1 Magazine

By Haystax, August 6, 2015 | SHARE

9-1-1 Magazine, an online publication for emergency communications and emergency response, published an insider threat byline from Haystax CEO Bill Van Vleet. The piece, “Organizational Security: Insider Threat is Not Just a Cybersecurity Problem,” examines insider threat and its implications beyond the cybersecurity realm, to include insiders who could perpetrate other types of harm to organizations. Haystax Carbon, a next-generation technology that creates risk ratings on insiders who could pose potential threats to an organization, can help organizations act before an insider threat has a chance to materialize.   “Our advice to organizations is to make sure you really know your employees, your population, and your environment. I realize that’s an extremely tall order, but that’s one of the reasons I founded Haystax: because I believe everyone has a right to have safety and security. Using big data and analytics plus sophisticated algorithms, it’s possible to provide more insight into what sets of people in an organization might pose a danger to themselves or others. That knowledge can be powerful, and used judiciously, it might just prevent an insider threat – whether cyber or physical – from becoming a calamitous event.” – Bill Van Vleet, CEO of Haystax Technology Click here to read the full piece on 9-1-1 Magazine’s website