Haystax Analytics Tool Could Mitigate National Security Effects of OPM Breach

By Haystax, August 7, 2015 | SHARE

The OPM breach compromised not only personal records but also national security – in potentially far-reaching ways. In a piece in SIGNAL Magazine, Bryan Ware, CTO of Haystax Technology, asserts that government must focus on mitigating the national security risk posed by individuals who could be subject to blackmail, bribery or identity theft. Fortunately, there are big data analytic tools – principally Haystax Carbon – that can quickly calculate risk ratings for the more than 20 million personnel affected by the breach. “Given the scale of the OPM breach, government leaders must address specific counterintelligence challenges and insider threat vulnerabilities it created. Sophisticated tools using automated processes can help analysts characterize the nature of vulnerabilities within population subsets. Doing so is critical for national security and will also enable government assistance to be informed and targeted, ultimately benefiting those compromised by the breach – individuals. The sooner this work can start, the better chance the government has of limiting potential damage.” – Bryan Ware, CTO of Haystax Technology Click here to read the full piece on SIGNAL’s site