Maximizing Public Safety By Protecting Our Communities With Advanced Analytics

By Haystax, September 19, 2015 | SHARE

While often cybersecurity and threat analysis online focuses on the corporate world and government agencies, protecting our communities with advanced analytics is perhaps a more important consideration. At Haystax we have experience in designing and deploying systems to constantly monitor and assess risk to public infrastructure to minimize the impact of major events and to strategically respond when a crisis occurs. How often do critical public infrastructure systems such as a schools, and local fire departments, police departments and first responders actually monitor their threat risks? How common is it for state and federal agencies in charge of public safety to do these assessments in a proactive manner? The answer really depends on the city, state and agency. Some of the top urban areas as well as state and federal government agencies are already engaged in activity and continually protecting our communities with advanced analytics. Our Haystax Public Safety Cloud™ is currently deployed in 15 of the 20 largest urban areas across the country, providing ongoing, real time analytics proactively assessing risks and threats. Cataloging and Planning One simple way any local, state or federal agency or organization can protect a community of any size is through cataloging their assets. With this information in place and strategically monitored, pre-designed safety and security plans for all types of cyber and physical crisis situations can be developed in advance for these critical assets. The ability to identify the critical infrastructure and key resources (CIKR) of any public asset within a community is essential in determining risk threats. Once these essential components are identified data collected from various sources can be evaluated and prioritized as to the risk identified and the priority of the threat to the infrastructure itself. Within the Crisis In the event of a crisis, attack or security breach within any of the essential services accurate data collection, filtering of information and routing the right information to the right people are also major concerns. This not only streamlines the response but it also provides the necessary, real time data and information to be easily accessible for those making the decisions. Complex algorithms, data collected from multiple sources, and the ability to transmit this data and intelligence in concise, comprehensive form is necessary for effective, efficient and informed decision making. While the goal of protecting our communities with advanced analytics is always to assess risks and proactively respond, at Haystax we provide a comprehensive approach to protecting critical infrastructure. This includes both the advanced threat work as well as the critical information sharing in times of crisis. To learn more about how we support major urban areas and next-gen public safety solutions click here. We are available to discuss your community safety options for large urban areas or smaller towns and cities.