Haystax Executive Quoted in Security InfoWatch Roundtable on PSIM-VMS

By Haystax, September 23, 2015 | SHARE

Chriss Knisely, Vice President of Analytical Sales at Haystax, participated in the roundtable on PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) and VMS (Video Management System) with Security InfoWatch, a news, information, education and discussion site for people involved in security and safety. Security Technology Executive editorial director Steve Lasky sat down with a roundtable of industry experts, including Chriss, to find out what’s trending and what issues are shaping the future of PSIM and VMS solutions. “The significant difference between PSIM and VMS is the ability to integrate all kinds of security-related data into a PSIM, whereas a VMS is designed just to control cameras, capture, and archive and search video,” said Chriss Knisely. “That being said, some VMS vendors are moving into PSIM territory by integrating other building automation technologies like fire detection and access control with capabilities such as turning a camera to a point of concern. The PSIM is there to provide ongoing situational awareness, and help manage a response.” To read the full article on PSIM-VMS on Security InfoWatch, please click here.