PoliceOne Shows How Haystax’s Mobile Field Interview App Makes Field Interviews Easier Than Ever

By Haystax, September 24, 2015 | SHARE

PoliceOne, one of the top resources for the law enforcement community, went hands-on with the Haystax Mobile Field Interview app and came away impressed. The Mobile Field Interview app solves a decades-long problem: how to make it easier for law enforcement officers to conduct field interviews (FIs), the go-to source for investigative leads. Not satisfied with the standard pen and paper FI process, Haystax Technology developed a revolutionary smartphone application to bring the process of FIs into the 21st century. The Haystax Mobile Field Interview App is designed to streamline data entry for law enforcement agencies by providing an end-to-end digital data management system. The new app eliminates paperwork, auto-populates data and finds related cases, providing law enforcement an enormous timesaving in data entry tasks. “Field interviews are the cornerstone of police investigations, and with this app our officers will be able to quickly generate those and evaluate field data against other information in the California Common Operating Picture/Digital Sandbox system, including critical infrastructure and key resources, and suspicious activity reports,” said Mike Sena, Director of the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center. Click here to read the full article on PoliceOne.com