Haystax CEO Bill Van Vleet pens insider threat byline for Federal News Radio

By Haystax, November 17, 2015 | SHARE

Federal News Radio, a key source of breaking news, information and analysis for federal agency managers, policymakers and contractors, published a byline penned by Haystax CEO Bill Van Vleet. The byline, titled “Insider Threat Solutions Start with a Focus on the Insider,” examines the need to focus on insiders themselves – particularly on which employees or members of a group might be likely to commit a breach, either intentionally or unintentionally. “The problem of insider threat is not easily solved, and no one technology or approach can fully address it. Network monitoring and other cybersecurity technologies are essential to alert you to what’s going in and out of your network. Raising awareness among employees and providing them education about cyber hygiene and best practices are also important tactics. IT departments can also place tighter controls on what employees can access and where. But let’s not forget that the human being and his or her motivations are not touched by any of these methods. Only by focusing directly on people and their behaviors can you begin to get at these, and they’re very important. Targeting big data analytics as the insider threat problem can help organizations know what members of a group might pose the most risk. With this type of risk information, organizations will have the means to potentially avert insider threats before they materialize.” – Bill Van Vleet, CEO of Haystax Technology Click here to read the full piece on FederalNewsRadio.com