Haystax provides industry perspective on managing school safety in the digital age

By Haystax, December 1, 2015 | SHARE

center-for-digital-educationHow can schools ensure student safety in the digital age? Haystax’s President of Analytics and Chief Technology Officer Bryan Ware and John Boatman, Director of School Safety Solutions tackled the topic in a joint byline for a well-respected educational outlet, Center for Digital Education. Center for Digital Education serves as a resource for the education market, researching K-12 and higher education technology trends and providing insight and information on technology issues for both education experts and industry leaders. The joint byline highlights how the very technologies that are making schools less secure also hold the promise of effectively counteracting many of the most critical emerging threats, through the use of data analytics and cloud-based collaboration solutions, among others. Technologies like these give school safety stakeholders a force-multiplier that, when combined with strong and well-communicated safety protocols, allows them to be better positioned to prevent, respond to and recover from any kind of crisis. Click here to read the full piece on Center for Digital Education