CNBC Examines How Haystax Technology is Helping First Responders Secure Super Bowl 50 Events

By Haystax, January 29, 2016 | SHARE

More than a million fans are flooding into the Bay Area next week for a whole host of Super Bowl events, from Super Bowl Opening Night, to the Super Bowl City fan village and the NFL Experience.

CNBC’s Harriet Taylor took a look at how Haystax Technology will help the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center (NCRIC) keep fans safe during Super Bowl week. In order to do so, the NCRIC, along with other state and federal partners, will be utilizing Haystax’s California Common Operating Picture for Threat Awareness (Cal COP), which provides dynamic, real-time information streams that allow public safety officials from the Bay Area to appropriately respond to threats around the stadium and in the surrounding areas.

Efforts in the Bay Area will be led by Mike Sena, director of the NCRIC. “Having the ability to use applications — where you can literally take a quick note or a snapshot and say this is the situation here right now —clears up those radio channels and allows people to feel more freely about reporting things that they may otherwise not have reported until things escalate,” said Sena.

Bryan Ware, Chief Technology Officer at Haystax Technology, added: “There is increasingly so much more data and so many kinds of sensors that could be brought to bear, that it’s really overwhelming. But at the same time, you want to have the best information and it’s really our software that sits at the core and provides that situational awareness to the incident commanders and various security and law enforcement personnel.”

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