NBC News Reports on First Responders Using Haystax CalCOP in Week Leading Up to Super Bowl 50

By Haystax, February 1, 2016 | SHARE

nbcnewslogo-bigMore than a million fans are expected in the Bay Area this week for events and activities leading up to Super Bowl 50 this weekend, including Super Bowl Opening Night, the Super Bowl City fan village and the NFL Experience. The Northern California Regional Intelligence Center (NCRIC) will serve as headquarters for the public safety officials behind the scenes, who are tasked with securing the Bay Area and ensuring safety for all those in attendance. Doing so is a little bit easier, thanks to Haystax’s California Common Operating Picture for Threat Awareness (CalCOP), which provides dynamic, real-time information streams that allow public safety officials from the Bay Area to appropriately respond to threats around the stadium and in the surrounding areas. “Having the ability to use applications — where you can literally take a quick note or a snapshot and say this is the situation here right now —clears up those radio channels and allows people to feel more freely about reporting things that they may otherwise not have reported until things escalate,” said Mike Sena, director of the NCRIC. Haystax has helped keep safe a slew of high profile gatherings, including the Republican National Convention, the Oscars, the Indy 500 and six prior Super Bowls. “This one in particular has a little bit more of a threat intelligence lens on it,” said Bryan Ware, Haystax Technology’s chief technology officer. “What I am seeing a lot of this year that I can’t recall seeing quite as much of is really the planning and the thought and the analysis around potential threat scenarios.”   Please click here to read the full article on NBCNews.com