SIGNAL Magazine Shows How Haystax Software is Helping First Responders Secure Super Bowl 50

By Haystax, February 6, 2016 | SHARE

SIGNAL Magazine visited the Risk Operations Center (ROC) at Haystax Technology yesterday, getting an inside look at the software being used to help provide situational awareness at the Super Bowl for the seventh-straight year. Haystax California Common Operating Picture, or CalCOP, is built on Haystax’s Constellation Analytics Platform and serves as the shared situational awareness for public safety officials on the days leading up to Super Bowl 50 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. CalCOP is used year-round by eight core urban areas in the state of California and has been since 2009. The scalable, cloud-based software has been ramped up to pull in data from a number of sources, including police and fire dispatches, weather reports, maps, news agency articles, social media activity and video camera feeds. Finely tuned algorithms then process the huge amounts of collected sensor data, which is processed in real-time by analysts to deliver critical information in the form of alerts to decision makers, giving them actionable intelligence. “Advanced threat analytics are critical to both mitigating and responding to potential threats during the week leading up to a high-profile event like the Super Bowl. We’re pleased that federal, state and local public safety officials have chosen Haystax Technology to provide the situational awareness capabilities required of an event of this scale.” – Bryan Ware, CTO, Haystax Technology Please click here for the full article on SIGNAL Magazine’s website