SourceSecurity: Haystax CEO Discusses Identifying Threat Actors Before They Act

By Haystax, July 21, 2016 | SHARE

In high-profile shooting incidents such as those that have taken place in the US over the past few weeks, there’s almost always a close friend or family member that comes forward afterwards with evidence about the perpetrator that would have been helpful if known beforehand.

What if models, informed by hundreds of available indicators, could intelligently correlate information about a person in broader context, perhaps highlighting changes in behavioral patterns as a ‘signal’ warranting further investigation? Could that help authorities determine relative levels of risk before a mass shooting involving a lone-wolf actor?

Haystax CEO Bryan Ware recently sat down with Mike Fickes of SourceSecurity to discuss risk and insider threat analytics and how technology, with data, can identify patterns or changes in behavior that indicate heightened levels of risk. This type of technology is already in use by state and local governments, as well as major enterprises around the world, who use it to identify risks before they become threats.

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