Alabama Sheriff’s Office Pilots Haystax Incident Management Apps

By Doug Pasley, July 25, 2016 | SHARE

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama has initiated a pilot deployment of Haystax Technology’s Constellation Incident Management platform. With this new capability,  department users will be able to see a detailed picture of emerging incidents and threats in geo-visual context and in relation to a catalog of existing critical assets around the county. Jefferson is the most populous county in Alabama, home to over 600,000 people and covering 1,124 square miles. The Sheriff’s Office, headquartered in Birmingham, is seeking a solution that best meets its goal of being prepared for any emergency that may arise in the county. The office was able to set up the site within days and to deploy mobile tools to patrol and investigation deputies, whose responsibilities include submitting field information that could assist in an emergency. Haystax apps that are available to the Sheriff’s Office include the Mobile Field Interview, Mobile Indicator and Mobile Constellation.

  • The Mobile FI app is a digital version of traditional paper-based field interview cards. It allows deputies to easily enter data and imagery on informal police contacts during the course of routine patrols, which can be called up later and shared with other system users at a moment’s notice.
  • The Indicator app is a tool for submitting information from the field during incidents or special events. Every alert the the deputies submit from the field, for example a suspicious activity or potential criminal behavior, can be instantly observed on a digital map or in list form on the command room screen or from a supervisor’s mobile data terminal.
  • Mobile Constellation allows commanders to see the same command room or operations center information from a mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone, in real time.

In the current climate surrounding law enforcement, commanders need to know as much as they can about emerging threats 24 hours a day, to assist in making decisions that affect the communities they are protecting. With the Constellation Incident Management platform, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office chain of command has instant access to the information it needs, any time and anywhere, on any device. For more information on the Haystax mobile apps described above, click here.

Doug Pasley is Director of Field Operations at Haystax.