Network World: Haystax CEO Bryan Ware On Managing Insider Threats

By Haystax, September 9, 2016 | SHARE

Haystax Technology CEO Bryan Ware, a regular contributor to Network World, recently published his insights into lessons learned from the front lines of managing risk from insider threats risk management. In the first of his two-part article, Bryan writes that the rapid growth of a global ‘digital footprint’ requires organizations to more effectively manage “both information security and risk from insiders.”

“The consequences of failure,” he writes, “range from failed security audits and interruptions of service or product deliveries to more significant degradation of ongoing operations, monetary losses and lasting reputational damage.”

But he goes on to note that most corporate and government leaders have gotten poor returns on their investment in controls to mitigate insider threats, still leaving them vulnerable despite years of high capital costs and personnel expenditures.

In Part I of his article Bryan highlights several valuable lessons for public- and private-sector organizations looking to reduce their vulnerability to insider threats, including:

  • Big-data solutions are inadequate on their own
  • The analyst reasoning process must be automated
  • Cast a wider net for threat signals
  • Scalability is more than a matter of computing capacity
  • Avoid black boxes and walled gardens

For more information, please visit Bryan’s full blog on Network World, and stay tuned for Part II of the article, which will examine three ‘must-haves’ for a successful insider threat program.