Highlights Haystax Mobile Field Interview App

By Haystax, September 12, 2016 | SHARE, one of the go-to information sources for law enforcement products and services, recently profiled Haystax Technology’s Constellation Mobile Field Interview application in its list of featured apps.

Mobile FI replaces traditional field interview cards – cumbersome paper-based reports that are hard to file, store and recall – which have been used by law enforcement officers for decades. With Mobile FI, the field interview process is greatly streamlined, as the app auto-populates certain fields and finds related cases – all in real time. This enables visibility into past incidents, repeat offenders and other data of potential relevance. Officers in the field also can upload images and video as necessary for additional background related to the incident.

Geo-located data from officers is securely shared from the app to the cloud and is available to all users across Haystax Technology’s Constellation platform, a central repository from which other officers and commanders can access recently filed reports, from anywhere and on any device. The net result for law enforcement officials, both in the field and in command centers, is improved situational awareness that would otherwise be nearly impossible relying solely on paper-based FI records.

Mobile FI provides a cost-effective solution for police departments, and a free mobile application for individual users. For more information on the Mobile FI app, click here. Optimized fully for smartphones and tablets, Constellation Mobile FI is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

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