Haystax Chief Revenue Officer Interviewed on B2B Podcast

By Haystax, October 7, 2016 | SHARE

Going to market quickly is easier said than done, and many companies — especially larger ones — struggle to get it right. Steven Baumgartner, Chief Revenue Officer at Haystax Technology, recently sat down with Jonathan Green, co-host of Sweet Fish Media’s B2B Growth Show to discuss “5 Lessons Big Companies Can Learn from Startups,” on the podcast.

During the podcast, Baumgartner and Green discuss some of the lessons Baumgartner learned in his time at both large companies and startups. One of the key points Baumgartner makes is about going to market quickly. “Bigger businesses often wait for 10-week assessments and hire consulting firms, but by the time (the product) is ready, things have already changed,” says Baumgartner. Another key point, he says, is for big companies to take baby steps forward all the time, rather than trying to have all the answers on Day One. Says Baumgartner: “You just need to be functional, and tighten up your processes as you go.”

To hear the rest of Baumgartner’s lessons big companies can learn from startups, please click here.

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