Constellation Update: Multiple Model Support

By John Boatman, February 8, 2017 | SHARE

Haystax Technology’s Constellation Analytics Platform™ now gives users the ability to run data through more than one risk model, a major upgrade that gives them greater flexibility in deploying the most appropriate security analytics solution for the threats they face.

Haystax is known for taking a unique model-driven approach to security analytics. The Constellation platform blends qualitative expert judgments captured in Bayesian models with quantitative analytic methods in order to find threat ‘signals’ buried inside multiple data sources, ranking these threats in priority order, and instantly displaying actionable information and delivering alerts to those who need to know.

The newest multiple-model support function allows an analyst or decision-maker to run an array of Constellation models — which are listed in simple a drop-down menu (image, below) — choosing the one that is optimized for detecting a particular type of threat. Importantly, users can obtain results from multiple models simultaneously to test which one produces the most accurate results. Also available are a selectable variety of directed graph rendering engines, such as dagre, within which the models can be viewed and searched.

Moreover, because Constellation recognizes the tenant each user is logged into it ‘knows’ to run only the model or models that are designated for use by that particular tenant — say, the Carbon ‘whole-person’ model suite that runs in the Constellation for Insider Threat configuration of the platform — while other models for entirely separate applications are not even visible.

Regardless of which model is selected, this latest upgrade also allows single or multiple model results to be displayed directly in the Constellation Assets app (image, below), which is a data repository of individuals in an organization (or — in tenants not focused on insider threats or continuous evaluation, — physical facilities like military bases, schools or office buildings). Likewise, multiple-model viewing is now supported in our recently launched Dashboard app.

As Haystax continues to expand the Constellation model library, it will be better positioned to help organizations mitigate a broader array of risks — not just from malicious and unwitting insider threats or financial fraud, but from pandemic disease, threats to supply chains and other complex security challenges where large data sets are the norm and that require more human-scale analytic capabilities than most organizations can muster.