Constellation Update: App, Dashboard and Map Enhancements

By John Boatman, March 23, 2017 | SHARE

Following the rollout of several new capabilities focused on insider threats and behavioral analytics, Haystax Technology’s software development team has deployed a number of functional enhancements to core apps in the Constellation Analytics Platform™, as well as to the system’s Map viewing environment and its new Dashboard app.

The latest Constellation upgrades include the following:

Assets app
In the Haystax lexicon an asset is anything of value, be it a person, a building or a network. A number of enhancements have been made to the ‘person module’ of the Assets app beyond those
previously reported, including:

Incidents app
Incident management has always been a core mission in the Constellation user community, and several enhancements to the Incidents app provide the kinds of features many of our customers have suggested:

In November 2016, Haystax unveiled its new Dashboard app, designed to give users a powerful way to visualize and manage real-time security analytics outputs and threat data generated from the Constellation domain awareness environment. Since then we have added several new Dashboard capabilities, including:

Based on a unique model-driven approach, the Constellation platform applies multiple artificial intelligence techniques to reason like a team of expert analysts and prioritize risks in real time at scale for more effective protection of critical systems, data, facilities and people.

By using Constellation, organizations can move to a dynamic and predictive risk posture, making quicker decisions and speeding remediation for more effective protection of their most important assets.

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Note: To learn more about our model-driven approach to security analytics, please read our newest white paper on Three Security Analytics Approaches that (Mostly) Don’t Work.