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Constellation for Account Compromise

for Account Compromise

An advanced analytics platform that modernizes the SOC’s approach to uncovering compromised accounts.

Progressing the SOC. Responding to alerts are a thing of the past.

Constellation for Compromised Accounts is a Security Operations Center platform for organizations looking to upgrade the SOC’s ability to quickly surface compromised accounts. Constellation advances the SOC by eliminating the burden of alert fatigue with patented Model-first User Behavior Analytics and a blend of proven artificial intelligence techniques that together automate and substitute account compromise detection subject matter expertise. The platform also spares analysts from time-consuming facets of investigations by systematizing complex workflows via user-friendly customizable Apps that enhance collaboration and speed across the SOC.

Model-first User Behavior Analytics. Responding to alerts is a thing of the past. Trustworthiness scoring is the new black.

Account Compromise Subject Matter Expertise is scarce and the data collation and analytical process to decipher true positives from false positives is timely. For this reason, at the heart of Constellation for Account Compromise is a Bayesian inference network in the form of a probabilistic predefined model that behaves like multiple account compromise specialists. The model mathematically represents hundreds of key risk indicators culled from subject-matter expertise and turned into code.

A modern SOC’s motto. Automate that workflow.

Enhancing the SOC’s ability to quickly mitigate compromised accounts is a challenging task given the vast amount of data to be collected, collated, processed and uniquely analyzed. This daunting challenge lead Haystax to build Constellation for Account Compromise. Developed alongside some of the world’s largest banks, Haystax developed workflow automation tools that support analysts to quickly identify new or previously hidden compromised accounts. SOC automation is enabled via apps that automate, ease and support the timely and tedious daily processes involved in a SOC’s workflow.

Patented model-first User Behavior Analytics

Our renowned data scientists specializing in Bayesian inference and data integration have collectively developed and implemented computer models of complex knowledge domains in the field of cybersecurity and risk management to meet the high demand for niche and scarce subject matter expertise. A must read for data scientists validating the technology.

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National Australia Bank (NAB) has always been at the forefront of research to ensure the security of the bank and its customers, including the use of big-data technologies to identify malware and fraud.

“To extend our leadership position, we collaborated with Haystax Technology this year to test Haystax’s technology in relation to real-time malware identification. Their security analytics platform is allowing us to move to a more dynamic and predictive risk posture.”

Nick Scott , NAB’s Head of Security Governance

Empower your Account Compromise program with the intelligence, flexibility, and scalability of the Constellation platform.