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Constellation for Continuous Evaluation

for Continuous Evaluation

Automate the data analysis process and reduce adjudicative staff burdens.

Fast & modernized investigations. Proven at Scale.

Constellation for Continuous Evaluation (Constellation for CE) is an analytically defensible personnel security investigation platform for agencies tasked with improving the timeliness between periodic investigation cycles. Constellation for CE cost-effectively measures the clearance-worthiness of entire populations by applying Model-first User Behavior Analytics (Model-first UBA) with other Artificial Intelligence (AI) Techniques to process big data to identify individuals with risky behaviors that warrant further investigation prior to updating their clearance.

Model-first User Behavior Analytics (UBA). Welcome to the investigation Trustworthiness scoring.

Agencies can overcome the challenge caused by a lack of resources and time-consuming manual processes with Constellation’s Model-first UBA. Our patented model-based approach applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to reason like a team of expert data analysts to prioritize investigations by processing entire populations through the platform and assigning everyone a Trustworthiness Score based on their behavior. This workflow automation frees individuals to focus on continuously evaluating only the highest-risk individuals, hence lowering data analysis costs and adjudicative staff burdens.

Analytically defensible technology. It’s all about Transparency.

Embedded in our Constellation platform is a ‘whole person’ mathematical model representing hundreds of positive and negative behaviors. CE data from approved sources or collected in background investigations is run through our model and beautifully displayed within the Assets App. Because Constellation is proven in operational settings and built to meet CE’s specific requirements, the platform is transparent rather than ‘black-boxed’. The Asset App visualizes thorough details on how a risk score has been is calculated – giving CE departments an analytically defensible way to demonstrate why an individual needs to be continuously evaluated.

Model-first User Behavior Analytics

Bayesian inference network is at the heart of Constellation’s Model-first UBA. This AI technique is augmented with machine learning, clustering and other AI functionality to make decisions like human subject matter expert analysts. A must read for data scientists validating the technology.

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“Haystax Technology’s security analytics platform originated from the company’s work with the defense and intelligence communities. Today, Constellation supports our nation’s largest insider threat program, proving it is a platform that scales to new challenges and domains as they arise in today’s world of increasingly complex and sophisticated cyberthreats.”

Gen. Peter Pace (USMC, Ret.) , former Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff