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Constellation for Insider Threat

for Insider Threat

A sophisticated end-to-end insider threat security operations center platform.

Insider Threat mitigation. Redefined.

Constellation for Insider Threat is a sophisticated end to end Insider Threat Security Operations Center (InTh SOC) platform for risk and security professionals looking to enable their existing program with speed, confidence and compliance. Constellation provides the InTh SOC with the ability to foresee potential threats, speed existing workflow processes and confidently apply controls, all from one centralized and shared platform.

Model-first User Behavior Analytics (UBA). Good bye alert overload, hello Trustworthiness score.

We understand the challenge of hiring experienced Insider Threat Subject Matter Experts (InTh SME), they’re scarce, a rare find and highly in demand. This lack of resource is a key reason behind the development of our patented Model-first approach to User Behavior Analytics (Model-First UBA). At the heart of Constellation for Insider Threat is a Bayesian inference network in the form of a probabilistic predefined Insider Threat model. The model mathematically represents over 700 different human behaviors and life events as key risk indicators of threats, culled from subject-matter experts in psychology, cybersecurity, fraud, HR and other relevant domains. This model behaves like multiple InTh SMEs and assigns a trustworthiness score to each and all your organization’s assets.

An end-to-end SOC platform. Yes, there’s an App for that workflow.

Managing and executing a successful Insider Threat Program can be daunting given the high amount of processes involved, data to be analyzed and controls to be tightened. Alongside some of the world’s leading Insider Threat Programs, Haystax built the Constellation for Insider Threat SOC applications. These multiple apps automate, ease and support organizational compliance around the timely and tedious daily processes involved in a SOC’s workflow.

Management, threat hunting and mitigation from a central location. Only trustworthy assets need apply.

We understand that an efficient Insider Threat platform must enhance all aspects of the program’s components, such as compliance, collaboration, analysis, investigations and mitigation. This means ensuring happy users end users with diverse data and workflow visualization needs. Our sophisticated Apps are easily customized by each distinct user’s data visualization and workflow preferences of the day. Supervisors have instant situational awareness of risk, team collaboration, key issue of the day for example. Investigators move forward with confidence and comply with organizational privacy policies and analysts can initiate actions such as launch 3rd party training modules from the platform. This and many more use cases.

Model-first User Behavior Analytics

As organizations have learned what doesn’t work well from their own experiences, they have developed a clear sense of what is required to prevail in today’s evolving threat landscape. And there is an emerging consensus among them that any UBA solution that aspires to manage insider threats must have the following three core characteristics…

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Empower your Insider Threat program with the intelligence, flexibility, and scalability of the Constellation platform.