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Modernize the field interview

Replace paper reports. Share information seamlessly.

Modernize the field interview card.

The Haystax Mobile Field Interview app is the key to investigating and preventing criminal activity. Quickly document key details about a person, group or vehicle, even when offline, and share that data in real time with other officers or investigators in your jurisdiction. Whether on mobile devices, laptops or desktop computers – all authorized users have immediate access to FI information from the same Haystax Constellation web environment.

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Maintain situational awareness with interviews from the field.

Search for relevant information, such as past incidents or repeat offenders, all from within the application
and viewed geospatially on a map in context with other incidents and threats.

Extensive Data Collection

While only a few fields are required, there are many optional data fields that allow for a very complete set of field interview data to be collected, including:

  • Field Interview information: Narrative, location, date/time, and reason.
  • Person details: Name, ID, phone number, address, age, appearance, employer/school, aliases, scars/marks/tattoos, and associates information.
  • Vehicle details: Make, model, year, color, registration, and condition.
  • Weapon details: Type, caliber, serial number, color, description.
  • Photographs: Take photographs directly within the app and link them to the person, vehicle, scars/marks/tattoos, or weapon.
  • Submitter information: Name, Rank, Badge Number.

Immediate Results

Your field interviews are instantly saved and become searchable and viewable to other members of your organization both within the mobile app and on the Constellation platform. You no longer need to wait days or weeks for your paper field interview to get transcribed. If a crime is committed in your area, you can immediately search for field interviews that have been completed within the vicinity near the time of the incident.

Automatic Geo-location

The app utilizes your device’s GPS to automatically determine the location of the interview, capturing the exact latitude and longitude coordinates.

Secure Data

Support for Touch ID and Face ID adds an additional layer of security in the app.

Searchable Anywhere

In-app searching allows users to search for submitted Field Interviews by person name, alias, SSN or vehicle make, model, color to quickly find results directly on their smartphone.

Offline Mode

Collect field interview information anywhere, even when out of cell tower and WIFI range. Offline field interviews are then submitted when you return online.

Real-time Views

View your field interviews on the Watchboard map alongside your other important information such as incidents, 911 calls, field reports, facilities, events, patrol areas, tweets, and other real-time data feeds.

Get Started

To use the Haystax Field Interview mobile app to enter and access data, you must be a Constellation platform user. To immediately begin sharing FI information seamlessly: Start Now