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Haystax Fusion Partner Program

At Haystax Technology, the goal of our partner program is to fuse together market leaders in security with the most unique and dynamic security analytics product available today. Using a model-first approach and applying machine learning and other artificial intelligence techniques, our Constellation Analytics Platform helps your customers predictively, and precisely, identify the greatest threats to their organization’s critical systems, data, facilities and people – with the ability to detect and report whether the behavior is malicious, negligent or inadvertent. The result is a solution that reasons like a team of expert analysts – at scale and in real time.

Here’s a familiar scenario…

You’ve been listening to the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of your best customer complaining about the waves of alerts and false positives that her SOC is fielding on a daily basis. And even with a top-notch team of SOC analysts and experts, she still is made aware of threats only after an adverse event has occurred. The team is overwhelmed, and the CISO is looking to you for a better solution. As her trusted advisor and market expert, you know it’s because she’s using a rules-based system that detects only known signatures or anomalies. What’s more, you don’t want to counsel her to hire more analysts — or create more rules in the system — because doing so will only generate more alerts and start a vicious cycle that ends in ‘analysis paralysis.’ So how do you help the CISO? In other words, how do you keep your customer from becoming the subject of yet another headline that ends with “…Target of a Cybersecurity Breach/Hack/Insider Attack”?

What if… You could become a HERO to your valued customers by delivering a security analytics solution that uses a model-first approach to find the highest-priority risks in organizations of all sizes? Haystax Technology uses Bayesian inference models, built by data scientists in cooperation with threat intelligence experts, that feature at least 80% of the risk indicators critical to any organization – right out of the box. By being predictive rather than reactive, Haystax can help stop the presses on those cyber-attack stories days, weeks, even months, beforehand.

What if… You could be a HERO by offering a platform that leverages data from existing security system investments and integrates with other sources of information that provide additional key indicators of risk or trustworthiness, like HR records, badge readers, data from printer activity, publicly available information about criminal history and creditworthiness, etc.?

What if… Once you’ve applied relevant data to the model, there’s an inference engine that goes to work to identify and prioritize threats, with ready-to-use applications for collaborative visualization, threat alerting, asset cataloging, event monitoring and incident reporting – all presented in a single intuitive user interface – giving your customer the ability to pinpoint early indications of the most serious risk from IP theft, sabotage, fraud, policy violations and other damaging internal and external events?

If you want to be the HERO of this story, your first step is joining the Haystax Fusion Partner Program, a progressive approach to partnering that currently includes two levels of participation. The entry level is our Haystax Expedited Referral-based Onboarding (HERO) program, a fast and efficient way to onboard a referral fee-based reseller organization. As outlined in the chart below, HERO program perks include access to our partner portal, including enablement tools, one half-day sales training module and access to an extensive library of training videos and webinars. There are referral fees paid to the reseller organization and achievement-based contests/rewards for individual sales representatives within your organization. The timeline to become a HERO partner is typically 72 hours after initial contact, assuming concurrence on referral contract terms.

HERO organizations are encouraged to advance to the next level of partnership in the program where they can sell, install and support Haystax Technology’s Constellation platform. In the Services-Trained Authorized Reseller (STAR) program, your organization will benefit from all the perks of being a HERO, and you will receive marketing development funds, a not-for-resale copy of the platform so your technical gurus can experiment with it in your lab environment and a seat on our invitation-only Haystax Advisory Committee. Most importantly, a STAR will be the go-to partner for Haystax when we need additional resources to assist in customer implementations.

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