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Customer Success Stories

Customer Success Stories

City of Boston

Boston takes to the cloud to manage critical infrastructure information

Haystax provides the City of Boston with a platform for its authoritative system of records both for managing critical infrastructure and for tying the information into first-responder operations. As a result, Boston gets: Contextual real-time situational awareness and protection of assets across the region; the assurance of timely response; and the ability to involve the right people at the right time when potential threats are detected, as well as during incident responses.

Following the April 2013 Boston marathon bombing, Haystax provided critical support to the Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC). During subsequent Congressional hearings, representatives of the US Conference of Mayors described the capabilities provided to intelligence analysts in the BRIC: “The analysts monitored, vetted, and triaged information concerning over 280 suspicious or criminal acts within Boston. In addition, they provided risk assessments on potential infrastructure targets, reviewed videos and social media for leads, and coordinated resources. [T]he analysts also provided pre-event threat assessments. After the capture of the bombing suspects, the BRIC tracked 42 potential and scheduled events, such as vigils and protests. In addition BRIC analysts were able to use the [Haystax system], purchased with UASI funds, to build their risk assessment reports.”

Indianapolis Dept. of Homeland Security

Indianapolis maintains operational awareness and rapid response capabilities 24/7

The Indianapolis Department of Homeland Security started using the Haystax platform in February 2012 as a security monitoring tool and incident response environment for Super Bowl XLVI. Since that successful deployment, Indy DHS has expanded its use of the Haystax system for a variety of additional special events such as the annual Indianapolis 500 auto race as well as routine patrol operations and critical incident responses. The Indy deployment demonstrates the power of having a detailed asset catalog preloaded into the system and ready for use by SWAT and other teams during crimes and other emergencies. In addition, the department has shared emergency dispatch information with and completed safety assessments for numerous schools in a multi-county area surrounding Indianapolis. This has provided the department with greater visibility into serious threats and vulnerabilities at schools while providing school principals with greater awareness of crimes taking place in areas surrounding their campuses. The Indy Haystax deployment showcases multi-jurisdictional information sharing, major event management and rapid incident response at their most effective.

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Major Sports League

Haystax enhances league-wide stadium security and fan experience

Haystax has provided a major sports league with a unified league-wide incident management system to report, share and act on fan safety-related issues. The successful deployment of the solution was based on ease of use, reliable performance at all times and rapid integration with the league and each team’s existing systems. The solution was fully deployed in under four weeks.

Among the results of this approach: Faster insights into incidents across the league; identification of potential issues that could impact fan experience and safety; and better visibility into the league’s overall security domain, from stadium security staff to the commissioner.

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Florida Department of Education

Florida protects students with better school safety assessments

The Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) uses the Constellation School Safety Center to catalog all school assets in the state and to perform online school safety assessments to identify threats and vulnerabilities facing the schools and the types of safety controls in place. The system also provides all critical information needed in case of an emergency response at a school, such as floor plans, site maps, emergency plans, and photos and contact information for key personnel. Florida is the first state in the US with an authoritative online catalog of school data. The system enables FLDOE to share assessment best practices to ensure uniform standards across the state, and gives school district superintendents a detailed early understanding of their most critical vulnerabilities and threats.

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Los Angeles Police Department

L.A. uses Haystax for situational awareness during high-profile events

Los Angeles police and first responders use Haystax Constellation for real-time monitoring of local social media and news feeds to improve their understanding of threats and to sharpen response activities. They also use Haystax’s mobile apps for field reporting by specialized teams. Haystax’s secure cloud based platform has enabled multiple capabilities for Los Angeles. In addition to improved real-time situational awareness, other benefits include greater agility for deploying anywhere, better collaboration across agencies, lower cost and a more agile response.

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Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington Metroplex

Large Texas metropolitan area uses Haystax during crisis events

The Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington Metroplex covers more than 9,000 square miles and is home to upwards of six million people and thousands of infrastructure assets. For many years, DFWA has been using Haystax’s real-time regional threat and risk assessment capabilities to serve multiple agencies and users — from analysts in the intelligence fusion center to first responders on the ground. Haystax’s mobile apps enable operations typically limited to fixed command centers or tasks routinely performed using pen and paper to be fully digitized. Haystax is one of the pioneers in implementing a risk-based public-safety management system that enabled first responders to more rapidly share and act on information across jurisdictional boundaries. DFWA has achieved much better contextual situational awareness during major tornadoes and other destructive events, where prioritization of information is critical.

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Houston Fire Department

Houston Fire takes a risk-based approach to planning and ops support

The Houston Fire Department has deployed the Haystax system as its central repository for managing all data on protected assets, as well as for fire pre-planning and hazard assessment data. HFD selected Haystax because of the speed at which applications could be deployed across the region, along with our domain expertise and proven security and system performance. Benefits of the system include improved ability to connect emergency management services and law enforcement with high-quality data, and standardization of fire planning and response processes across the region. In addition, data access times decreased from over 60 minutes to around 30 seconds. Read about how Houston Fire uses Haystax in its day-to-day operations.

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New Jersey State Police

New Jersey State Police maintains operational control with closed-loop situational awareness

Haystax provides New Jersey with the Constellation map, a ‘watch-board’ for monitoring context-specific threats in real time. Specialized field intelligence teams are also equipped with mobile apps to work as a unit in submitting timely field incident reports. Prior to the Haystax system, many response organizations and even the command centers would often find out about major incidents from news and social media sources. After the system was put in place, situational awareness and real-time response planning have improved significantly across the entire region. In many cases information that could take up to 60 minutes or more to reach decision-makers is now available through Constellation in seconds. Learn how New Jersey State Police used Haystax during the Super Bowl in New York.

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Tampa Police Department

Tampa Police Department uses mobile apps to enhance field intelligence

Tampa PD uses Haystax’s proven secure mobile apps in the field. The apps are optimized for offline and low-bandwidth usage scenarios. Field reports are scored and prioritized, ensuring that the city’s response organizations can focus on the highest-priority information. As a result of the deployment, field teams are better coordinated, working collaboratively and submitting field incident reports that are acted on much more quickly with fewer deployed resources.

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